Aquavations Corp. is a worldwide leader in advanced, pre-blended exposed aggregate coating systems for the modern swimming pool. Our mission is to develop dependable, pre-blended pool plaster systems using basic and advanced technology from years of experience and hands-on applications.

CrystalStones Smooth

Product Benefits

Polished aggregate finishes not only offer a timeless beauty that works well with nearly any pool design but are extremely durable. We offer the following products:

  • Hydrazzo
  • Hydrazzo Pacifico


Architectural Specifications

Design, Specify, Build, and Startup Documentation.

Design Stage:

Hydrazzo Brochure

Specify Stage:

Product Data Sheet
Hydrazzo MSDS
Architectural Submittal Document

Build Stage:

Installation Guidelines
Product Application
Acid Washing Procedures

Startup Stage:

5yr Hydrazzo Warranty


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