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Frequently asked questions.

The pool design process can seem like an overwhelming task. Selecting an interior finish is an integral part of that process. Your pool’s interior finish determines your water color, can add value to your home, and can help you achieve a truly custom backyard. Below are some questions we, our builders, and applicators have been asked over the years. The answers provided are designed to ease the process and help you become an educated pool owner.

Where/how can I purchase CL Industries' products for my new pool or renovation?
How do I know if a pool sevice company is keeping my pool's water chemistry within your specified guidelines?
Can I get the same CL Industries pool plaster for my home in New Jersey that I have in my summer home in Florida?
How do I confirm that the CL Industries' product that I've chosen is the one that ends up in my pool?
Is my CL Industries' pool plaster the same color throughout it's entire thickness? What is the proper thickness?
Is acid washing of my pool plaster safe or does it reduce the life expectancy of my swimming pool plaster?
Can I apply the CL Industries' finishes myself?
Does CL Industries offer a manufacturer's warranty?
How do I register my warranty?
What will the water color in my pool be with a CL Industries' finish?

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