5 things you need to know about pool finishes.

The finish dye, texture, surrounding environment, sunlight and water depth all play a role in how your pool looks and feels. But the first step to picking a finish is determining your ideal water color: blue or green? Watch our video for more.

Pigment color

The single greatest determining factor for the water color of your pool is the background dye in the finish. For blue water look for a finish that is white, blue, black, or gray. For green water look for a finish that is green, brown, or tan.

Surrounding environment

The exterior of your home, fencing, landscaping and even furniture can all affect how your pool water appears. So remember to consider shadows and the colors of the objects around your pool when picking a finish. 

Sun exposure

How blue or green your pool water appears to be also depends on how bright and how direct the sunlight is on your finish. In general, the more direct the sunlight, the lighter the color of your pool water.


Our Quartz, Pebble, and Polished pool finishes have varying degrees of texture. The more polished the finish (like our Hydrazzo® products) the smoother the feel, while additives like abalone shells and quartz accents create an incredible luster while adding more texture.

Water depth & movement

Water features and wind can make the moving water in your pool appear translucent on the surface. Additionally, water color may appear more transparent and lighter in the shallow areas of your pool while the deeper areas make the water appear darker blue or green.

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