PermaSpray© deck finish is a special one-part acrylic system designed to protect newly-poured concrete and restore all aging outdoor decks, pool areas and walkways, with a durable and attractive finish.

The PermaSpray system pairs perfectly with CLI’s 15 shades of Color Coat Select to create the most desirable textured surface for the modern deck – with fast, simple water cleanup, quick drying, high hiding power and extremely easy application to give the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor deck.

Permaspray Select

PermaSpray Select® deck finish is a special two-part acrylic system designed to provide our strongest, longest-lasting protection to newly-poured concrete and aging concrete pool decks. It creates an ultra-durable base for any of the 15 shades of Color Coat Select available in the PermaSpray system.

For a first-place finish every time, rely on PermaSpray® Select.

Color Coat Select

Color Coat Select is a unique blend of 100% acrylic resins for exceptional durability, abrasion resistance and water resistance. Color Coat Select will leave a hard, semi-gloss coat that will protect both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Available in 12 classic colors, it provides easy clean-up with plain water for years of ease and beauty.

Below are the product colors for the Color Coat Select, colors may vary due to monitor resolution and lighting.