Glass Block Mortars

WhiteStar Glass Block Mortar Mix® is a scientifically prepared mixture of white Portland cement perfect for quick and easy installation of glass blocks and repairing old mortar joints. Its flexible, high-strength formula resists shock, cracking and powdering. By pre-mixing, we eliminate all the on-site measurement and guesswork!

WhiteStar Glass Block Mortar Mix® gives you the ease and strength you need.

CLI Sanded Thin Set

CLI Sanded Thin Set is a factory blend of Portland cement, sand and special additives. It’s an excellent dry set mortar for floor tile installations. CLI Sanded Thin Set is preferred for backing on plumb and true masonry concrete, gypsum board (dry areas only), WonderBoard® Backerboard, cured Portland cement mortar beds, brick, ceramic tile and marble. It requires no soaking of tiles and is not affected by prolonged contact with water, so it works beautifully with both interior and exterior projects.

CLI Sanded Thin Set – the easiest path between id… and done!

CLI Un-sanded Thin Set

CLI’s factory blend of Portland cement and special additives is designed to blend easily with silica sand, making it the dry set mortar professionals prefer for sheet mounted and 4-1/4″ x 4 1/4″ (11 x 11 cm) tile.
The pros know. And the pros choose CLI Un-sanded Thin Set.

CLI Multi-Purpose Thin Set Mortar

This high-strength, all-purpose bonding mortar works for all types of tile projects. It is a polymer modified Portland cement-based mortar specifically designed for interior or exterior installations of ceramic tile, quarry tile, pavers and non-warping marble.
CLI Multi-Purpose Thin Set Mortar not only enhances the flexibility of placing tile, it leaves a consistently smooth finish and requires no additives other than water.

Higher bond strength and less mixing? It’s got to be CLI Multi-Purpose Thin Set!

CLI AR Dense Grout

Our laboratory formulated Portland cement-based un-sanded grout is strong and versatile enough for interior and exterior projects in residential or commercial locations. CLI AR Dense Grout produces a smooth, dense joint that is resistant to the most rigorous climates and demands.

The smart name in dense grout is CLI!